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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in practically no time. if you log on to the website now, you'll find yourself out of luck. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. iain and lucy are off tonight. you will have another shot at tickets to another event in just a few hours, though. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the philadelphia archdiocese on a crucial day for people hoping to see the pope. shawnette? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. you know we're all on the countdown about 17 days left before this historic weekend and many people are desperate to get their hands on free tickets to these papal activities, but what we're finding is that many people trying to get these tickets despite the large number of them available many are coming up short. so here's what we can tell you. most people who have been trying to get these free tickets it's almost if as they are gone as soon as they go online. yesterday free passes to the pope's visit to independence mall on the 26th were gone two minutes after they opened up for grabs online. and get this. this afternoon similar situation for the papal festival scheduled for the 26th. gone in a flash as well.
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but with historic event like this, most are going to try to take advantage of every opportunity they get to their their hands on tickets. to night, your next chance at 8:00 o'clock. 10,000 more tickets for the papal mass on sunday the 27t 27. will go online and the process for people logging on to try and get them will start all over again. so back here live, of course, again a huge demand for tickets to these papal events. but what we also uncovered yesterday is that some people who are getting these tickets free tickets online are then turning around putting them back online on different sites and selling them. yes, scalpers are out there for the pope's visit. as a matter of fact, we just checked moments ago and we already saw some of those free tickets that went online just an hour ago listed on e-bay each $250 and four a thousand dollars. dawn, again, people are out there trying to make a profit off these free tickets but they are in demand and again at 8:00 o'clock tonight some free passes will be up for grabs. >> shawnette, thank you. meantime a call is going out
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for people to up their homes during the papal visit. the group hosts for hospitals says it's looking for people to provide temporary shelter in university city. they say they need the housing for children and their families who are being treated at chop during the papal weekend. if you'd like to help we have a link on fox just head to the scene on tv section. if you want to seat pope and don't mind staying in the great outdoors, maybe the francis fields are the way to go. campground being set up in east fairmount park and according to the camp's website the grounds will have showers, bathrooms, food vendor, grills and charging stations. rates start at $199 per camper with more fees if you bring a car or an rv. the campground will be open around the clock starting thursday, september 24th until monday the 28th. all of this information can be found on our website fox while you're there, make sure to stop at our special section dedicated to the pope's visit. it has everything you will need
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to know ahead of the holy father's arrival in our city. well, the dry windy hot humid weather continue dad. live look right now at center city. this latest heat wave is not over yet. but some storms and a cool down could shake things up soon. chief meteorologist scott williams is live in old city tracking the changes and boy, it was humid today. scott? >> it really was, good evening, dawn. i like to refer it to as air you can wear. we're talking about the sixth heat wave of the year. high temperatures so far in the low 90s today in philadelphia. in fact near record territory. let's take look at the numbers. it was 90 on labor day. 94 degrees yesterday. so far the high temperature 93 degrees on this steamy wednesday. right now still hot, 92 but look at the feels like temperature how your body reacts, 96 degrees is what it actually feels like. it feels like 96 in dover. look at allentown. it feels like 96 degrees right now when you factor in that
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humidity. but some relief is going to be on the way as we look at ultimate doppler, a couple of isolated downpours right now in the delaware bay as well as ocean county. but as i expand the view, take a look at all of that moisture off to the south and west. that system is headed in our direction. when i come indoors, i'll have much more on the timing of the heaviest rainfall as well as how much to expect and also how the temperatures will drop some relief is headed this way when i come indoors. dawn, back to you. >> we sure need relief and rain, thank you scott. developing now, the search for a pair of armed robbers in north philadelphia. surveillance cameras caught these masked men in the act. their target a popular drinking spot coming off very busy holiday weekend. investigators are working to track the men down. but the bar's manager says the robbery has left his employees traumatized. fox 29's dave schratwieser is following this investigation and is live at north detectives. dave? >> reporter: dawn, some
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terrifying moments inside that bar when the two robbers entered waving their guns around and demanding cash. tonight workers tell me they're so scared they're afraid to come back to work. >> people come here because they feel safe here. >> reporter: 32nd street pub is a well-known neighborhood spot to have a beer on allegheny avenue. it's been open for over 30 years. but early monday morning, these masked gun toting bandits invaded the bar as it was closing, terrifying employees. >> frightful to see that people just come in with guns and take what you work hard for. >> reporter: robbery was caught on tape as the gunmen threaten the bartender saying don't do anything or i'll blow your head off. >> they were frighten. my night manager, he did what he needed to do to get the guys out of here without anyone getting hurt. >> they seem to probably been used to this type of behavior and done this numerous times before. >> reporter: the gunmen then proceeded to empty the cash register, another forced a female employee to the floor at gun point.
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the bartender was taken to a rear office where more money was stolen. >> terrified, scared to come back to work. >> reporter: investigators say these suspects are armed and dangerous. they're hoping the public will take a look at the surveillance video and call police. >> they may very well know these individuals by some of the clothing they're wearing. >> got their face kind of clear on the video. so hopefully someone will see the video and recognize who these guys are turn them in. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured. if you want to get another look at that surveillance video, go to our website at fox if you recognize these guys, you should call police. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. philadelphia police hoping someone recognizes this guy. they say he robbed a pappy deli in olney back on august 25th. investigators say he placed a food order and came back about 30 minutes later to pick it up. but instead of leaving with his order, police say he pulled out a gun and demanded money from the register. it's unclear how much he got away with. if you know who this guy is, give philadelphia police a call.
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tonight we probably know what sparked this huge forest fire in burlington county, new jersey. state environmental officials are blaming charcoal briquettes the fire started on private property in woodland township on monday after someone improperly disposed of the charcoal. the fire quickly spread because conditions were dry and windy. fortunately no one was hurt and the fire was completely contained by yesterday afterno afternoon. a philadelphia woman pleads guilty to holding five disable adults in a squallerred basement over 10-year period. prosecutors say 55-year-old linda west ton and three family members lured in mentally challenged adults and then held them hostage. they say it was part of a plan to steal their social security and disability benefits. police uncovered the trail of terror after finding four malnourished victims inside the filthy sub basement of a tacony back in 2011. investigators say two other people died in west tin's care in 2005 and 2008.
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wes tin is facing a slew of charges including murder, kidnapping, fraud and theft. prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty. prison guards hired to keep the piece in jail are now in trouble themselves. four current and two former correctional officers for the philadelphia prison system are now charged with smuggling contraband into philadelphia prisons. prosecutors say they would trade oxycontin pills and cell phones in exchange for cash. investigators say the guards would meet in an associate of an inmate outside of the prison. the guards would then take the contraband in exchange for up to a thousand dollars. >> to any officers who are considering this type of activity, i would recommend that they refrain from it and to anybody who may be in engaged in this, you'll be next. >> the union representing the correctional officers released a statement. it says in part "they are disturbed by the indictments but stand behind the prison guards
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saying they are innocent until proven guilty. new details from last year's plane crash in massachusetts that killed a philadelphia newspaper co owner and sick other people. investigators now say the flight crew did not perform a pre flight safety check. they also say the pilots left the wing flaps locked in place preventing the plane from taking off. transportation safety officials say the pilots realized the error but only after it was too late. the aircraft over ran the runway crashing into a ravine and bursting into flames. philadelphia inquirer co own are in lewis katz was among those killed. fox 29 discovers a playground in disgusting condition. while we're covering another story in a local neighborhood. tonight, we're asking what the city is going to do about all of this to keep children safe? >> and we know all about what the pope will be doing in philadelphia. but the question is, where will he be sleeping? we'll give you an inside look at one of the most important catholic institutions in the country.
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and pennsylvania barbershop fined for refusing to give a woman a haircut. why the place is getting fined for breaking a rule the owner says he didn't even know exist existed. plus, tracking down child predators in our own background. the daunting task for a team investigators. what even they say they never expected to find. ♪ >> all new tonight on fox 29 news at 6:00, nothing sacred for a suspected crook in north philadelphia. police say he targeted a school and he wasn't after money. what he took and how he got in in the first place. ♪ consideration
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♪ the roller coaster ride continues in the chester upland school district. teachers working under the threat of no paycheck did get paid today. fox 29's bruce gordon joining us live from chester delaware county and, bruce, even though teachers did get their checks, there's a lot of problems that still remain unsolved there. >> reporter: yeah, common pleas court judge in delaware county this afternoon ordered the commonwealth of pennsylvania to pay chester upland $3.5 million. that to cover teacher compensation through the end of september. obviously good news for folks who showed up to work unsure of whether they'd be paid but as you said make no mistake the big picture remains bleak. afternoon dismissal marked the end of a very good day for teachers and other staff at stetser elementary school. this you see was pay day and
5:14 pm
what do you know? checks were actually waiting when employees arrived. marquis is a bell has been teacher for 11 years. >> you come in to work wednesday morning and there's a paycheck there. what goes through your mind? >> yes, i can pay my bills. i'm excited. >> reporter: you're laughing but that's no joke when you got bills to pay. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: chester upland teachers were told last week when the school year began they may not be paid, what with the on-going budget crisis. they came to work any way. teachers union president jacks jackson. >> we made the decision to show up not knowing when will get paid, but, um, when we wake up pay day and it's there, of course, everyone is excited, and they're relieved. >> reporter: school district officials set the morning in media courtroom squabble link with the state department of education over a budget stalemate that has their spending in limbo. chester upland has been run by the state for years but believe its being short changed by charter school expenses and overall funding formula in need of reform.
5:15 pm
parents told us the payment of teachers is a mirror band-aid on a broken arm. >> because our kids are actually suffering. we are not getting the proper education that we're supposed to get for our children. >> reporter: this was the second time in the last four years that chester upland teachers have begun the school year unsure of whether they'd they'd be paid. today as in 2012, a last minute ruling put paychecks in their hands. we should tell you that judge's ruling does not appear to cover millions of dollars in vendor payments much these are folks who provide all kinds of important goods and services to the district to get the school day underway and get the kids the education they need. so even the short-term solution is not complete. of course, long term all kinds of problems remain unsolved here in chester up land. dawn? >> not a good situation, thank you, bruce. september is childhood cancer awareness month and to show its support hyundai is giving back in a big way. the car company giving children's hospital of philadelphia a $400,000 donati
5:16 pm
donation. hyundai who was a sponsor with fox 29 says that money will be used for a scholar senior research award. newly named hyundai scholars will use the funds to bolster research on acute lymphoblastic leukemia and neuroblastoma the event is part of a hope on wheels campaign to honor national childhood cancer awareness month. we are just 2.5 weeks away from pope francis' visit to philadelphia. and now is your chance to get your hands on all of the merchandise for the pope's big visit. aramark opening up its pop up shop this week in center city at 11th and market. you can grab pope doll, t-shirts, mugs, rosary and prayer guards you name it they've goat. the shop will stay open through the holy father's visit. we certainly have been talk ago lot about what the pope will be doing during his visit. but not very much about where he will be staying. that will happen at one of the most important catholic institutions in the country. fox 29's dave kipp chen shows us the pope' as com days.
5:17 pm
♪ >> reporter: it's the oldest catholic institution of higher learning for those in our region looking to join the priesthood. and later this month, it will be headquarters for pope francis to rest his head while visiting philadelphia. you can bet the saint charles borromeo seminary is ready. >> the seminary, you know, would not be particularly lavish accommodations by any means. it's very practical and we certainly will do our best to accommodate the holy father's expectations and make it a comfortable stay for him. ♪ >> reporter: seminary was founded in the 18th 30s by francis kendrick the third bishop of philadelphia. it has seen great expansion throughout the generations all the while serving as a four year educational and spiritual home for aspiring priests. its colonel leader found his calling here, too. >> as a young man, i felt all of a sudden connected to the universal mission of the church as a worldwide institution with a worldwide mission.
5:18 pm
>> reporter: there's a big reason for that. you see bishop senior was studying here back in 1979. when history was made here. in the form of a visit from pope john paul ii. it was transcending. >> i felt deep -- deep win my heart a calling. you know, a strengthening to the vocation that i had already started to experience that's why i was in the seminary but i fell that affirmed. you know somehow i was where i belongebelonged. just very filled with zaal and eager to recommit myself to what i was about as a seminarian and time has proven as priest for 30 years. >> reporter: and now 36 years later, bishop timothy is set to witness another papal visit. >> i never would have imagined that i would be an auxiliary bishop of philadelphia, director of saint charles borromeo seminary and have the opportunity to welcome pope
5:19 pm
francis to that seminary. it's a sense of awe in god's providence but also then excitement. this opportunity to really be all that it can be for the seminarians who we have the great joy of serving here at saint charles but beyond that for the church in philadelphia and for the whole community. >> reporter: so much history here at saint charles borromeo seminary and history will be made again when the holy father pope francis meets with the visiting bishops and leads them in a mass that takes place in a chapel just beyond these doors. the saint martin chapel will be a place for prayer, fellowship and reflection for conference leaders and perhaps frank discussion, too. i would like them to speak about those qualities that they should be seeking for themselves huma humanly, spirituall spiritually, intellectually and pastorally. those qualities they should be developing in order to be an
5:20 pm
effective priest. >> reporter: much of the specific discussions led by pope francis will remain within these historic walls but the bishop says the impact will be felt throughout the world meeting of families and for many years i don't know. >> i believe it's very person in his example and all that he'll be doing throughout his tour in the united states and as he has been doing since he was elected pope, you know, is going to be something for them to watch and to see. ♪ >> reporter: in west philadelphia, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> okay. how many police officers does it take to deliver a baby? well, at a minnesota home the answer was three. how the officers who had no experience whatsoever delivering babies brought this little girl into the world. and law enforcement officers become suspicion spacious during a vehicle stop in california watch they found under the back seat that led to an arrest. and getting up early for work feel like torture? it should. why there's nothing you can do to make it any easier and why
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researchers say your boss should rethink your hours. ♪
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>> terrifying moments in las vegas after a british airways jet burst into flames. flight 2276 was repairing to take off for london's gatwick airport yesterday when the flames broke out. a passenger inside a terminal captured the video showing thick black smoke billowing from the plane's wings. seconds later passengers could be seen coming down emergency slides and running across the tarmac away from the plane. british airways says 157 passengers, 10 crew members and three pilots were on board at the time of the fire. you can see there was whole lot of damage to the plane. another woman who was in the terminal watching it all happen is actually from philadelphia and she toll us what she saw. >> all of a sudden i heard a woman scream, oh, my god! and there was like some yelling and people getting up on their chairs and i looked out the window and one of the planes was on fire and it was just billowing tons of black smoke. it was terrifying and everybody
5:25 pm
rushed over to the windows and it must have been six or seven rows of people deep so nobody could see people were getting on their chairs to look over scene what was going on and it was -- maybe a minute but it felt like forever because everybody was screaming are there people on that plane? are there people on the plane? >> spokesperson for the airport says the injuries were all minor and most of them happened on the emergency slides during the evacuation. no word yet on what sparked the fire. a startling discovery for border patrol agents in california. look closely. they say they found a woman hiding under the back seat of a car. agents say a u.s. citizen was driving this car across the mexican border and appeared to be nervous. agents searched the car and saw signs of a hidden compartment and soon they found the 23-year-old woman. the driver was arrested. a pennsylvania barber gets slapped with a fine for refusing to give a woman a haircut. the barber iain washington just outside of pittsburgh doesn't give men just a haircut. the owner john inter val says
5:26 pm
it's a place for men to relax with a cocktail or beer. but now he's facing legal action from the state's bureau of professional and occupational affairs. interval says he didn't know he had to service both genders. >> paper work started showing up and i'm like oh, my god. i didn't consider it discrimination thing so much as, you know, it's a barbershop, you know. >> interval says he will respect the law and pay the $750 fine. fox 29 discovers a playground in disgusting conditions while we're out covering another story in a local neighborhood. tonight, we are asking the city what will they do about all of this to keep children safe? and new york city doing something for the first time ever in this country. soon menus in some of the city's restaurants will warn you about the am of salt in some dishes. how this could help some people follow rules. they're probably already breaking. scott? >> dawn, it is official.
5:27 pm
we're talking about the sixth official heat wave of the year but some relief just hang in there it's on the way with some rain also we'll talk about how cool it gets ahead.
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>> live look at the historic town of jim thorpe from our pocono mountains camera. you definitely felt the heat and humidity as soon as you stepped outside today. there's a cooling down coming along with some storms. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking all of it for you coming up in your fox 29
5:30 pm
weather authority. budget problems in pennsylvania have left students, parents, educators and support staff in the chester upland school district uncertain about what will happen next there. after beginning the year thinking they were not going to get paid, teachers there did in fact get a paycheck today, but even with this quick fix, those close to the situation say there are much bigger problems that still need to be corrected. two week ago a playground in a west philadelphia neighborhood became the seen of a shooting. three people hurt. including a 10 year old little girl hit by a stray bullet in the mill of the day. fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp was at that playground but what she found there may also make you angry for different reasons. karen is live in the mantua section of fold night with more on this story. karen? >> reporter: dawn, first of all i want up to date you about that little girl. she has recovered. she is doing okay much it's been two weeks. also, i want to let you know where we are. mantua right by the zoo. that parking lot over there, that's the zoo.
5:31 pm
that is where we are right now. what's upsetting we have hundreds of kids that go there every single day. this should be a haven certainly for children but when i came to look at the scene where this little girl was shot what i found was both disgusting and then take look at this, also dangerous. no parent would want their kids to play here at claiborne lewis park the way we found it two weeks ago. forget the trash, broken fenc fencing, jagged glass and tiles you can twist an ankle in. the back corner appears to be a sex for drug exchange littered with condom wrappers, baggies, spoons, blunt materials and burn marks. the really upsetting part, feces smeared all down this slide. >> i want to see it cleaned up and the kids be able to be free to go down to the play ground. >> reporter: it was actually named for the pastor's brother john lewis. he and clay burn were local boys who died in vietnam. >> when i drive by i see a whole bunch of people sitting in the playground and the thing that puzzles me it's pitch dark down there. >> reporter: they're not kids sitting in the playground, are
5:32 pm
they. >> no, no new york city. >> reporter: it's grown ups who don't care who officials say are part of the problem. parks crews say as far as they clean up it's trashed again. we first inspected the park because an innocent 10-year-old girl was shot while playing here at noontime two weeks ago. she since recovered. is the park any better? that's still there. still feces residue. still baggies, condom wrappers ut plus obscene graffiti with pictures for the reading impair. >> the only person using the equipment the smoker. we called parks official who's quickly came out vowing act. >> it's been there all summer. there's glass here. >> yup. >> that's not -- >> i guarantee you we'll have this cleaned by tomorrow. i guarantee it. >> reporter: so fox 29 cameras will be back out following to see what happens and how quickly they get this all cleaned up. because that's what we want is the kids to be able to play out here. also, some really good news as we were calling around to the councilman's office jane me
5:33 pm
blackwell. this surface right here 20 year old it's a mess. it gets -- dangerous for the kids, tons of trash in it. they are replacing it. they got the money to replace that this will be replaced probably by next spring. so little way out but we have good news. from mantua, dawn back to you. >> good job, karen. back to your fox 29 weather authority. boy, was eight another scorcher. the humidity i was out with my dogs was almost unbearable. it's like stifling out there. >> that really make the difference, dawn, the humidity. we've had days that have been hotter temperature wise. but it was more of a dry heat but today we had dew points in the 70s. really making it feel bad that air you can wear but take look at the numbers. 90 on labor day. 94 degrees yesterday. 93 degrees so far the high temperature for today. making it official. our sixth heat wave of the year. that september sizzle it continues across the area. right now, 92 degrees. kind of hazy, scattered clouds, kind of building, but look at the heat index. that's how your body reacts.
5:34 pm
96 degrees is what it actually feels like right now in philadelphia. it's 81 wildwood. 85 watt in atlantic city. 87 in wilmington but allentown 94 degrees. and then factor in that humidity, its it feels like 95 in wilmington it feels like 96 degrees right now in allentown. so today will be the last day of the heat wave, and some relief. it's going to be moving in. there might be a couple of stray storm late this evening but most of the the rain and the thicker clouds really move in overnight tonight. ultimate doppler right now, dry and quiet for most a couple of thunderstorms trying to move toward sections of cape may county so just be on the look out for some downpours there. otherwise as we move into sections of ocean county as we well. but here's the system off to the west. this front is going to bring the clouds as well as a decent soaking across the area. we need the rain several inches below where we should be. you can see by midnight, we're looking at some scattered downpours starting to move in. and then tomorrow morning, it's still muggy to start
5:35 pm
temperatures in the 70s. there will be a couple of pockets of some showers out there but it looks like the heaviest of the rain really doesn't start to move until 1:00 in the afternoon. you can see where the yellow and orange is showing up. the intensity of that rain and then tomorrow evening's commute it really looks kind of damp and drear reach you can see that heavy rain continues to move through our area by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow still looking at the rain. then it pulls out of here in time for friday. but look at friday morning. the temperatures dropping into the 50s far north and we have. so how much rainfall to expect? take a look at some of the computer models here. on average one to 2-inches of rain. some will likely over achieve a bit. you can see philadelphia closing in on 2is of rain by tomorrow night. so here's the take away and the bottom line. tomorrow one to 2-inches on average. isolated amounts 3-inches. the heaviest will come toward tomorrow afternoon and evening. although just grab that umbrella out the door tomorrow morning. and then we're talking about
5:36 pm
some ponding somebody run off on the roadways. so as far as the hazy, hot and humid conditions that will be replaced with the rain, the cooler air moving in for the latter par of the week and the upcoming weekend. so 84 degrees tomorrow. temperatures down because of the clouds and showers. we dry out for friday. 83 degrees for the high temperature. low 80s on saturday. maybe a passing shower on sund sunday. but look at the temperatures. falling into the upper 70s. for high temperatures. so today might be our last 90-degree day for awhile. >> that sounds good right about now. >> yes. >> thank you scott. apple unveiling its latest round of must have gadgets and could it be that the newest iphone isn't even the star of the show? the next wave of apple obsessions. and does getting up early for work feel like torture to you? it should. why there's nothing you can do to make it any easier and why researchers actually say your boss should rethink your hours. and all new tonight at 6:00 as we prepare for the pope, the
5:37 pm
white house is getting ready as well. and francis' visit to d.c. will continue a conversation that's been going on for longer than you might think. ♪ let's clear the air.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. ♪ turning to your health now and watch wagon you eat. salty food from sandwiches to salads will soon come with a first of its kind warning label chain restaurants in new york city. joyce evans here now with that story and the day's other big health headlines. joyce. >> reporter: dawn, new york city's board of health voted unanimously today to require chain eat reece to put salt shakers symbols on the menus to point out dishes that have more than the recommended daily limit of 2300 milligrams of sodium.
5:41 pm
that's about a teaspoon of salt. now, new york is now the first city in the country to have such a requirement. it will apply to chains that have at least 1500 -- 15 outlets nationwide. experts say that the average american consumes about 3400 milligrams of salt each day. that's well over the daily lim limit. in fact only about one in 10 americans all you actually meets the 1 teaspoon a day guideline according to doctors. and that too much salt can be bad for your heart. okay. meantime, young people who use e-cigarettes meant to deter smoking may be more likely to use regular ones than those who don't smoke anything at all. not a huge study, but the nationwide survey of 700 people between the ages of 16 and 26 found that more than one third of teenagers and young adults who tried those battery powered devices wound up smoking regular dough tobacco cigarettes within one year.
5:42 pm
those findings appear in the journal jama pediatrics. and do you have some trouble dragging yourself in to work every morning? well, there could be good reason why. new study suggests starting work before 9:00 a.m. is quote torture. i believe it. oxford university researchers now say that the body's natural sleep rhythms really don't match up with the 9:00 to 5:00 work day and that these hours can lead people feeling stressed and sleep deprived and those same scientists say that this can hurt the employee's productivity and it could make them sick meaning that they'll be out of work more often. so they are suggesting that workplaces set their start times at 10am at the earliest. good luck with that. i wish they will. dawn? >> very interesting study, joyce. thank you. and speaking of the workplace, it seems it's becoming a less and less friendly place. why americans just don't seem to
5:43 pm
value workplace friendships like they used to. plus, tracking down child predators in our own backyards. the daunting task for a team of investigators. what even they say they never expected to find. howard? >> the eagles they played for real on monday and the start of the new era at quarterback. hear from sam bradford on what it's like to may for the first time in a real game in close to two years and zach ertz and whether he thinks he will play on monday much that's coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ apple is unveiling its new line of products today. there's the iphone 6s and 6s plus. there's also apple tv and an i watch update. but apple ceo too many cook also showing off the new i-pad pro.
5:47 pm
it measures just under 13-inches comes with a front and rear camera and two speakers at the top and the bottom of the device. the new i-pad will be available in november starting price $800. catching criminals rarely comes easy and when innocent children are the victims, the work can be extremely tough. tonight, fox 29's jennifer joyce introduces us to the crime fighters using high-tech tools to save children from the unthinkable. ♪ >> every day 24/7 type of issue. we're continuing pulling evidence down that there's activity on these pier to peer programs. consists of basically four labs. >> reporter: high tech crime unit with the camden county prosecutor's office started 2015 with a new daunting duty. >> right now we have about seven lined up for search warrants. >> reporter: the cases are
5:48 pm
overflowing. >> surprisingly overwhelming. >> reporter: responding to the needs of first time focus on nabbing child porn predators the most despicable offenders according to the people who have seen it all. >> he ruined them. morally, you know, you've destroyed their soul. >> these aren't pictures of babies in bath tubs. these aren't kid running around the pool in bathing suits. this is the total violation of children. they're sexually exploited, interacting in sexual activiti activities. >> reporter: there's no predator profile. all ages, all backgrounds, all too many. >> never did i expect to see this much. >> reporter: 55-year-old joseph mccann of pine hill, new jersey, charged with child porn possession in and distribution. >> he was complete until denial. >> reporter: police say he was involved with the pine hill youth at let tick association
5:49 pm
for more than 13 years. >> he was chatting live with children and he also was up loading and downloading regular porn. he had a lot of, um, videos. >> reporter: mccann is one of more than 19 people arrested by this newly formed task force. so why now? well the unit is extensive. each detective's training is on going and costs $20,000. regardless the camden county prosecutor's office says it has committed the funds to this much needed task force. >> this is our second lab the forensic lab. here's where we'll do the, arc lot of cell phone and computer extracts. >> reporter: they're using high-tech equipment to track these predators who think they're hiding behind a computer screen. one program identifies an ip address the moment a child porn file is shared. >> we see you when it happens. you know, you bring to us your doorstep. >> reporter: and this.
5:50 pm
>> get a phone. we put it in here. >> reporter: is a lead line box which protects cell phone evidence from being wiped clean. >> we have enough work for the epp of the year. >> reporter: detectiv detectivee doing their due diligence to put a dent in these cases that are flooding the system but it's not easy. >> if i show you something that we look at on daily basis with child pornography, it's going stick with you forever. i can't fathom how someone even would consider doing that to a child. >> reporter: and these offenders are everywhere. >> i think the community doesn't quite understand the prevalence of this. >> reporter: assistant prosecutor ira slow vin is looking to catch these crimina criminals. hoping an aggressive prosecution serves as a deterrent to people who often deny their involveme involvement. >> we'll get a lot of defendant that is say i was curious or i got an ad or it came in through e-mail.
5:51 pm
>> you have to know what you're looking for. >> it truly is an addiction. one that's much more prevalent than i had ever anticipated. >> reporter: while police are just scratching the surface of this serious problem -- >> just because they delete evidence off the phone we still have capability of retrieving it. >> reporter: they mean business. >> we don't show up by accident. it's not a hunch. you know, if the swat team shows up at your door and our team of forensic detectives show up behind that, we're arresting. >> reporter: jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. and still ahead at 5:00, how many police officers does it take to deliver a baby? at a home in minnesota, the answer three. how the officers who had absolutely no experience delivering babies brought this little girl safely into the world. and coming am all new at 6:00 o'clock a freak accident at newark liberty international airport sends some workers to the hospital. they were in an old airline
5:52 pm
hangar that wasn't even being used so why were they there in the first place? we have the answer. also, new at 6:00, local students hitting the water early this morning but they're not canoeing just for fun here. their important destination and what this journey symbolizes. ♪
5:53 pm
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♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x fin the the future of awesome. friends at work, not so mu much. new study finds fewer americans have close friends at work and they don't view workplace friend as priority.
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the downside work friends can actually boost productivity and help manage stress. three minnesota police officers help a woman give birth right in her living room. the baby clearly not waiting for an ambulance forcing the officers to deliver her on their own. something they say they have never ever done before. but as fox's jonathan cho reports those guys managed to figure it out and quickly. >> reporter: ask any surveillance tell police officer -- >> dough miss ticks. >> they'll tell you. >> neighbor disputes. >> there's no such thing as routine call. on the even of august 26th kelly -- >> when i first walked in i'm like, yeah, this is going to happen. there's no waiting. >> reporter: steve matthews -- >> she was having baby. >> and john lester had no idea they'd be delivering a baby. >> i started console mom. telling her what's going on. >> reporter: 35-year-old barbara eden went into labor inside her living room. as soon as the officers arrived --
5:57 pm
>> and then officer lester is saying here comes the head. >> reporter: they went to work. grabbing a first aid c kit in the patrol car. >> i'm thinking, gold cross hurry up rt. >> reporter: gold cross ambulance was still on the way. >> dad was in the room. he was nervous. >> reporter: barbara's husband could barely watch. >> i was in the kitchen trying to catch my legs and not throw up. >> reporter: with only basic paramedic training the officers never delivered a baby in their lives. >> i held it while sergeant, did the suction and clamped the co cord. >> reporter: somehow they figure it out. >> they acted like they had done it a hundred times. >> reporter: delaney rose he'd depth arrived even before the ambulance showed. >> had to make sure you know everything was going right with the birth. so didn't really have time to sit at the time. >> reporter: healthy baby girl an grateful mom dropping by police station this week to say thank you. >> amazing job. >> to three officers who say -- >> i wasn't expecting to deliver
5:58 pm
baby that's for sure. >> reporter: -- they were just doing -- >> everything went well. >> reporter: their jobs. >> it's pretty neat experience helping bring a life into the world. want beautiful baby. mom and baby are doing just fine tonight. they are safely back home. well, dr. oz making a call out of the office today with westampton township emergency services. the good doctor was out there going through training along with our very own jennifer joy joyce. the new season of his show starts monday with an episode about cpr and how the rules have changed. there's now a hands only approach meaning no more mouth to mouth. >> notice how much force he's putting on this dummy's chef 2-inches of depression. you break the rib you know what happens, nothing much the person lives. if you don't push hard enough you don't push the blood out of the heart and the ribs don't break the person dies. i'd rather have a broken rib. >> doctor today's visit dr. oz was made an honorary member of the team. you can watch doctor's new
5:59 pm
season starting monday right here on fox weekdays at 1:00 o'clock. stay tune for fox 29 news at 5:00. ♪ to night at six nothing sacred for a suspected crook in new york philadelphia he target add school and wasn't after money. what he took and how he got in in the first play. plus, the precious baby seal who washed up on the jersey shore. he was in bad shape and needed help but tonight, he's ready to go home. we're there for the first day of the rest of his life. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 we are tracking rain and a whole lot of it. it's been a clear day but we're starting to see the first signs of trouble on ultimate doppler radar. the rain will start off spotty but it will pick up big time.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. iain page and lucy noland are off tonight. the question is, what can we expect and when? so let's get straight over to chief meteorologist scott williams for the answer. scott. >> hi there dawn. we can expect a soaking rain in most of it will occur for your thursday. but as you mentioned, some spotty activity to start as we look at ultimate doppler. most of the region dry. you can see a couple of downpourdownpours down in sectif cape may counsel teen also as you move into ocean county but as i expand the view, take look at all of this moisture off to the west. it's a cold front that will bring us beneficial rain across the area over the next 24 hours. but the september sizzle today, 93 degrees was the high. look at that just 1 degree shy of the record set back in the 1800's. also it's official. hour sixth heat wave of the season. take look at the numbers right now. feels like 97 degrees in philadelphia. it still feels like 94 in trenton. so it's going to be hot and humid maybe a stray thunderstorm


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